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Game Story: Sorry Meatloaf. 2 out of 3 is actually...awesome.

The Starter:

Given his success starting over his career, (About 5 1/3 IP on avg. with a 5.14 ERA), this may be the real high water mark for Tavarez as a starter. Nonetheless, the job today was keep the Sox in the game for 5+, and he did that very well.

The 'Pen:

Okajima is Japanese for badass. Timlin gave up a HR to Jeter, whom he usually handles pretty well (.640 OPS against in 30 PAs). Papelbon pitched well enough to render Giambi's 2B useless and picked up the save.

The Lineup:

Lowell's hit streak came to an end, though he did work two walks. Coco was hit by a pitch and tripled, scoring two runs. Papi and Manny both homered. The real star was Alex Cora, who knocked in three, and had a HR and a 3B on the day. His 2007 OPS is 1.207.

The Field:

Julio Lugo comitted a throwing error, while Jason Varitek brought his total passed balls up to three.

Alex Cora. Not sure much else needs to be said. As good as it was to see Manny's HR today, Cora was the spark at the plate, and was also involved in two DPs.