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Daily Dos(e), 4/03/07, Tom Petty Said It Best.

Well, good to have our one loss of the season out of the way. Let's remember what we have to look forward to:

In the short-term: Beckett and Matsuzaka.

In the long-term: 161 more chances to win (or lose...).

Pre-Summer Reading.

  • Excellent piece by Sean Smith at THT about the NEW and IMPROVED Zone Rating system, whose data will be available on THT this season. Anyone have a guess as to who brings up the rear based on the new system?
  • That's it, actually. Post your favorite articles in the comments.
Are you serious?
  • The Rockies extended Dan O'Dowd and Clint Hurdle. Any thoughts on this move? I've been less than thrilled with the non-scouting related work from O'Dowd recently (Was Jennings really expendable in this division?). Ambivalent towards Hurdle. Some comments can be found in this entry at Purple Row.
  • As of this writing, Sammy Sosa is still 12 short of 600. Anyone think he'll make it?
  • Schilling did in fact recap his outing at his website. Interesting read. Makes his outing seem...something.
  • Cubs were sold for $8.2B. If I were Sam Zell, I might've waited to see how this Soriano/Lilly/Sweet Lou thing ended up first.

Going to see a Sox game this season? Home? Road? Going to see another MLB team? Let us know your plans so OTM writers and readers can stalk you this summer.