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Game Story: Oh!-Kei. But how about that strike zone?

To be fair to Igawa, the strike zone was still relatively consistent when he was pitching, and he did a heckuva job doing more than keep the curtain up for the Yankees. The Sox continue to struggle against junk-balling lefties.

The Starter:

Wake wasn't at his best, but it didn't matter, given that we scored a grand total of 0 runs for him.

The Pen:

Donnelly came in and worked into and out of a jam, partly of Wakefield's making. Romero and Snyder both looked good tossing scoreless innings. THE bright spot yesterday.

The Lineup:

Lowell doubled, singled, and knocked in a run. Youks had two hits and a walk. I'm going to "pretend" that none of the other guys showed up.

The Field:

Lowell with two errors. And I miss another crucial play this season due to work, because I heard that even Tim McCarver agreed that the first one should probably have been scored an infield hit. Hopefully I don't have to tell you to ignore Mirabelli's 1 for 3 showing on SBs. Only the poor soul in TB who has to catch Fossum's eephus has less time to make that throw down to 2nd.

No Awards:

I agree in principle that Froemming deserves the Mendoza.

A short commentary: Do Froemming and Crisp have some sort of history? He was off with the strike zone most of the day (total low strikes given to Yankee and Sox pitchers today: -15), but I've never seen him be so absolutely wrong as during Coco's AB.

If you didn't see it, the best analogy I can make for you is this: Imagine if a pitcher threw a ball that came in across the plate about 5'7" above it while Pedroia was hitting, and that pitch was called a strike. That's how off Froemming was on that AB.

We were outplayed today, and Posada's bomb was exactly that. Gone, no doubt, off the bat. Personally, I'm not sure we come back even if those calls are made correctly. The fact of the matter is, they were still wrong. Other than a possible suspension for Coco, we won't hear about the incident from MLB, ever.

...have a good day. Go Tavarez.