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Game Story: Insert Pun Combining 'Mo' and 'Mortal' here.


The Starter:

Daisuke continues to beat himself. Aside from a 4th inning which included three walks, however, he threw 6 and K'd 7. Aside from the Ks, it's worth noting that he allowed 0 XBHs.

The Pen:

Great job, all. Three scoreless, with one from Timlin, Okajima, and Pineiro. None threw more than 15 pitches, which puts us in great shape for tomorrow and Sunday, with the off-day on Monday.

The Lineup:

Lowell extended his streak to 13. However, Lugo and Youks were the bright spots. They combined for 5 H and 3 BB in 12 PAs, with a HR apiece. Papi knocked in two, and Pedroia doubled, walked, and scored twice.

The Field:

There were a couple of errors, one each from Drew and Lugo. Apparently Lowell made a couple of nice plays which I was not home early enough to see.

Lugo. This is the kind of performance and spark we've been looking for. 3 H and 2 BB, the aforementioned HR, and 2 SBs.

Torre, for not using his entire bullpen tonight. Some of those guys might actually be rested enough to pitch effectively by sometime next week!