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Lester strong in Pawtucket

Jon Lester had his second-to-last rehab start in Pawtucket tonight. He pitched quite well:

Lester allowed three hits and no walks against Buffalo, finishing up with his sixth strikeout of the game on a 94 mph fastball to fan Bisons designated hitter Ryan Mulhern. Pitching in a hovering fog, Lester threw 84 pitches, 56 for strikes, and picked off a runner to end the fourth.


"He had a real good day yesterday, a very good day," Francona said. "He got a clean bill of health."


Once Lester is ready, it looks like he'll take over the reigns as the number five guy in Boston's rotation. That'll push someone down to Pawtucket. I could foresee Kyle Snyder getting the demotion, as Joel Pineiro and JC Romero may be more valuable at this point in the season. Julian Tavarez will become the long-man in the bullpen.