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Series Preview: Red Sox head to the Bronx.

Coming off our "sweep" of the O's, we head to the Bronx to take on the Yankees.

Pitching Matchups:

Fri: Matsuzaka v. Pettitte.

If you only watch one game, this should be the one. Hopefully Daisuke is able to make adjustments as he faces the Yankee order again. Pettitte was good against us the last time out.

Sat: Wakefield v. Karstens.

I think this was supposed to be Kei Igawa, who moves to the bullpen for the time being. I like this matchup, given how well Wake has pitched in Yankee Stadium. (3.15 ERA, .683 OPS against)

Sun: Tavarez v. Wang.

Have to like this matchup for the Yanks, given that it is, you know, Tavarez v. Wang.

Other notes:

  • Hopefully this means Tito and the FO's patience with Wily Mo will pay off.
  • If there's any doubt as to Crisp's availability tomorrow, then I think a DL stint is neccessary. At least someone off the bench to spell Pena for D in the late innings.
  • Wakefield has yet to toss a non-QS. Let's hope he has a fifth one in him for Saturday.
  • I'd love to see someone pitching instead of Tavarez. I have no specified someone.
  • They had Okajima warming in the 8th, but he didn't come into the game. Hopefully this means that he and Papelbon will both be available for two games this weekend apiece. I like Okajima too, but I was afraid he was becoming Tito's "Proctor"
  • Jeter was out of the NYY-TOR game last night with what the Yankees termed "thigh soreness". Stay tuned.
  • When he's hitting against the Yankees, Vernon Wells is absolutely my hero. He has a lifetime .916 OPS against them which is slightly better than his .854 against us. (Doesn't it feel like that last number should be higher, like a lot higher?)
  • Even for the pessimistic and obsessed with the Yankees fan deep down inside of us, the worst we can do is come out of this series up 2 1/2 games on the Yankees.