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Game Story: Mini-Sweep complete with Mini-Brooms.


The Starter:

Beckett went 8 strong, with 3 Ks. He was extremely efficient, throwing 73 of 100 pitches for strikes.

The 'Pen:

Papelbon nailed down the save, with his only blemish being a Ramon Hernandez walk, who worked a good at-bat.

The Lineup:

I must admit, I was about to start throwing things through the first several innings. Many missed opportunities. Lowell extended his hit streak to 12. The recently-maligned Pena contributed a double and a grand slam, which proved the decisive blow. Youks worked two walks and had a single.

The Field:

Couple very nice plays from Pedroia.

Wily Mo. Had the game we've all been looking for, locked in at the plate and looked good on all but one AB. Oh yeah. Grand slam. Grand slam. GRAND SLAM!

No one, though Manny might've seen this but for his rally-starting walk.