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Schilling's Bloody Legacy

So, yeah, Curt Schilling put ketchup on his sock during the 2004 post-season, right?

"We have no reason to doubt anything," Idelson said. "Curt has a pretty profound respect for the history of the game, and is cognizant of his role in it. We have known him only as someone of outstanding character."

The shoes and sock are displayed in the Hall's World Series exhibit. "And three years later," Idelson said, "the blood stain that once was red is now a hue of brown, which is what happens to blood over time."

Extra Bases

I want to go back to Cooperstown so badly that it hurts. The last time I went was actually the first time I went. It was right around the time "The Wizard" Ozzie Smith was inducted. I'd love to go back and see all the 2004 Sox World Series exhibits.