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Open Thread: 4/24/07 vs Toronto Blue Jays

Wily Mo Pena gets another deserving start tonight, giving Coco another day to rest his left tummy muscles. Hinske is filling in for Youk at first and in the lineup. Sox trying to avoid the sweep tonight at 7:05.

Julian Tavarez
(0-1, 6.75)
Roy Halladay
(2-0, 2.37)

Lugo, ss
Hinske, 1b
Ortiz, dh
Ramirez, lf
Drew, rf
Lowell, 3b
Varitek, c
Pena, cf
Pedroia, 2b

Rios, rf
Lind, lf
Wells, cf
Thomas, dh
Overbay, 1b
Hill, 2b
Zaun, c
Clayton, ss
McDonald, 3b