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Game Story: Lowell in, Proctologist out.

Red Sox team record(s) were set. Chase Wright saves the Yankee bullpen from decaying due to too much rest. Mike Lowell turns it up a notch.

Yankees @ Red Sox 4/22/07. Win % graph courtesy of FanGraphs

Thoughts on the night.

  • This was a satisfying win, perhaps most so because on a night when he wasn't at his best, the offense was still able to give Matsuzaka his 2nd ML win. For his part, he was able to go seven, strikeout seven, and whether intentional or not, make A-Rod a little less comfortable at the plate.
  • Manny looked great at the plate tonight. Let's hope that carries over to the Jays games this week which, for some reason, count just as much as these last three.
  • Good to see Pedroia get a couple hits and make some nice defensive plays. Clearly he's not taking any Cora starts the wrong way.
  • I didn't get to see Lugo's, but I thought Drew got an excellent jump for his SB. Those might not come very often, but his speed is definitely going to be a plus all season long.
  • Finally, Mike Lowell. What can I say? Had a great night at the plate, 2 HRs, 4 RBIs, and a BB. He now has 14 RBIs on the season.

Winner: The aforementioned Lowell. Put the game ahead for good as well as becoming a part of Red Sox history.

Winner: None.

Thoughts on the series.

  • Most unfortunate that both Papelbon and Okajima will be unavailable tomorrow night. It's anyone's guess who would get the nod in a save situation tomorrow night, but Donnelly has earned it. The extremely well-rested Pineiro is my actual guess, however.
  • On the same note, I'm not sure why Okajima was out there tonight anyway. 30 pitches the previous two days. And he almost put the "sting" in "interesting"
  • Scott Proctor is on pace for 114 appearances and 1,862 pitches.
  • Will this be the M.O. all season for the Yanks, holding Pettitte from his side sessions two days after his starts on the almost certainty that he'll be needed out of the bullpen? Seems like a great way to keep his elbow healthy.
  • Even with a lineup missing (at times or all) Matsui, Damon, and Posada, here's hoping our pitchers were just off a bit. Because otherwise, your last name might need to be Halladay, Santana, or Hernandez (as in King) to shut em down.
  • This was all so satisfying. Three close games, three wins for the good guys, and three saves for a bullpen that was almost flawless but for Romero's hiccup in the first game.