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Postgame Show: Game 1. Royals (7) def. Red Sox (1)


Or: The 11 million dollar man.

What went right?

Very little. I must confess to being severely disappointed in our boys. Is it some kind of mental block with Kansas City? Are the players being forced to listen to Jon Miller and Joe Morgan in the dugout, thereby enduring as much pain as we do? What's the story?

Aside from the HBP, Javier Lopez did fine. Pineiro, IIRC, was the victim of a bizarre hop off of 1B on a Gload GB and also an incorrect call on Pena Jr.'s second "triple". He certainly hung that pitch however...

Drew, Pedroia, and Youkilis all reached base twice apiece.

What didn't go right?

Schilling. We need more from our ace than 4 IP, 8 H, 2 BB, and 5 ER. I suspect that he'll post a similar sentiment on his website sometime in the next day or so.

Who's hot?

Mark Grudzielanek.
(This will generally be a Sox player or players, but I can't justify giving it to any of them today.)

Who's not?

These people.
Main culprits: Tek, Lowell, Crisp, Manny.

Bottom line, credit where credit is due. Despite throwing a fair amount of pitches early on, Meche settled down and gave the Royals 7+ in just over 100. He looked good. I had goosebumps during Gordon's first AB, I don't know how the heck he handled it. (Well, he struck out, but still)

Peralta mixed his pitches well; if he keeps pitching like that, Kansas City could get something good for him near the deadline. Oh. And the acquisition of Jason LaRue might just light a fire under John Buck and turn him into an above-average AL catcher.

This entry may self-destruct...