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Post Game (4/16/07) : BOS - 7 , LAA - 2

The Starter:

Beckett turned in a solid performance, allowing 7 baserunners in 6 innings, with his only run coming on an O-Cab solo HR.

The 'Pen:

Three strong innings from the bullpen yesterday. Okajima struck out two in one inning. Romero tossed a scoreless 8th, and Snyder gave up a solo HR to Howie Kendrick, but nothing else.

The Lineup:

Our lineup continues to impress, this time roughing up Ervin Santana to the tune of 7 runs, 5 of which were earned. Lugo had a double and a single, Manny knocked in two, Papi homered and doubled, and Lowell continues his assault on his 2006 double total, bringing his 2007 total to 6.

The Field:

Wily Mo contributed an OF assist. Maybe you all can confirm (I was unable to watch the game),but I hear Lugo was great on defense.

Winner: Josh Beckett. This wasn't his strongest game to-date,but he stifled the Angels in his 6 innings of work.

Winner: Coco... Just kidding. I'll give this one to "Pizza-throwing fan." Way to get kicked out of Fenway, buddy.