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In the News: 13 April 2007

  • Lidge upset about being moved to middle relief.
    I'm not sure what he expected the Astros to do. He's been pitching like a borderline middle reliever for longer than just two outings this season. Maybe he should've made the point that they're probably not going to contend anyway.

  • Heyman declares Angels top WS contenders.
    In other news, the Angels just dropped two of three to the Indians in Milwaukee. Premature?

  • Jaret Wright hits the DL.
    Was he really worth Chris Britton and $7M in salary? That's a rhetorical question.

  • Too much of a good thing?
    I'm really not sure how to respond to this. An outpouring of support for how far we've come with civil rights? This is somehow a bad thing? Kudos to Griffey and Garret Anderson for finding the right words.

  • Believe the Nationals can pull an '06 Marlins? Manny Acta does.
    Kudos to him for the enthusiasm, but the '06 Marlins were a blend of young talent who may not be able to repeat what they did this season. And the Nationals, to put it mildly, have a lot less talent.

  • Matchups this weekend:
    Lackey v. Wakefield: Lackey is a great pitcher, and when you consider Harden's set schedule of nearly 10-15 starts per season, he may be the one playing second fiddle to Hernandez in the West. Wake has a 4.71 ERA lifetime against the Angels. Let's hope the home cookin' puts this one in our favor.
    Escobar v. Schilling: I want to give us the edge here. Schilling has always been good at Fenway, and pretty good against the Angels as well. Escobar is another example of a great Angel SP, but here's hoping Schill outpitches him.
    Santana v. Beckett: I think we've begun to see where Beckett can take us. I have a good feeling about this one over the others, and not just because we've lit Santana up in the two games he's thrown against us.
    Weaver v. Tavarez: Too bad it's the good Weaver, though it will be his first big-league start this season. Tavarez gets the nod in the adjusted rotation on Patriots' Day. What can I say about Tavarez? Yeah, you're right. Nothing.