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The Day After (4/11/07): Red Sox lose, 3-0


The Starter:

Not much to say here. Daisuke pitched fairly well in his home debut, his breaking pitches not working for him too well. 7 IP, 3 ER. That other starter, however...
The 'Pen:
Pen did a fine job after Pineiro settled down and started throwing strikes. 2/3 from Romero and 1 1/3 from Jo-el. I'll get blasted for this, but I thought Pineiro looked like a different pitcher when he came back out for the 9th. That lazy Mariners 'pen didn't throw a single pitch...
The Lineup:
J.D. Drew kept his hitting streak alive. Youkilis and Pedroia both reached base via walk. Not much else to speak of here.
The Field:
Two throwing errors. Pedroia and Lugo were the culprits. Lugo looked like Rick Vaughn. Nice strong throwing arm...where's the accuracy? Could've killed someone with front row seats by the dugout.

Felix Hernandez. This was an awesome pitching performance. I hate to lose games as much as anyone, but all you can do here is tip the cap and be thankful we face Washburn next.

I'm honestly not sure who to hand this one to. No one (except Drew) was going to hit Felix the way he was pitching. Of all of them, I'd say Crisp looked particularly bad at the plate. Struck out twice and grounded out on a check swing.

Words to live by.

Hernandez: 6 Ks, 17 ground outs, and 4 fly outs; a very impressive game.
-Drugs Delaney