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Sox sign Durbin

Sox sign JD Durbin off waivers from the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Extra Bases:

Durbin, 25, was among the Minnesota Twins' final cuts during spring training.

In the Diamondbacks' battle with the Colorado Rockies last week, Durbin pitched two-thirds of an inning, giving up seven earned runs on seven hits.

With the pickup, the Red Sox may have to make one or two roster moves when they are also expected to activate pitcher Mike Timlin off the disabled list.


Durbin could be activated if doctors believe that Mike Timlin needs a little more time to rehabilitate his strained left oblique. The feeling would be what's the point of rushing a 41-year-old reliever with an oblique injury in cold weather this early in the season?

If Timlin and the doctors feel he's ready to go, the Red Sox have an interesting dilemma. They could make two moves to make sure they keep Durbin (Lefty Javier Lopez is the only Sox reliever with options remaining) or they could turn around and re-designate him for assignment and risk losing him to another team. But the Sox are intrigued by his arm.

Durbin sounds like a solid pickup, it's just too bad we couldn't let him pitch in Pawtucket for a week or two and then call him up if need-be. We've got a lot of options for the bullpen in Pawtucket already, though: Hansen, Delcarmen, Breslow and Corey to name a few.