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Daily Dos(e), 4/10/07, Where Have You Gone, Dom DiMaggio?

Yesterday was a good day to just revel in the victory, don't you think? Aside from the non-Papi part of the lineup, and the non-Schill/Paps part of the pitching staff, it wasn't that terrific.

Thankfully, those three individuals were good enough to triple-handedly deliver the victory.

What to do until the game tonight? HoF discussion.

Starter questions:

What's wrong with the HoF?

Name a player who's in who shouldn't be.

Name a player who's not in who should be.

# of players on the Red Sox roster who will be in someday.

Some other questions for you today:

Number of starts until Tavarez moves back to the pen.

Who replaces him? Hansack or Lester? Someone else?

In your opinion, is Coco just overmatched? Not quite ready yet? Is Varitek toast?

Answer one, some, or all. I'll be back a little later to post my own.