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Question of the Day, 8 Feburary 2007.

"As a journalist, it's not my place to editorialize. I'm here to objectively divide the facts into categories of good and evil, then you make up your own minds."

Let's be honest. While he could potentially be replacement-level, Joel Pineiro is hardly an ideal solution as a closer. With that in mind:

Propose a trade for a closer that would make sense for both teams.

"Objective" Criteria

  • This means no David Murphy for Chad Cordero proposals (not sure Murphy is 'toolsy' enough for Bowden anyway)
  • Take short-term and long-term views into account. (Surely one of Bryce Cox or Craig Hansen will work out)
  • Probable targets include Chad Cordero, Brian Fuentes, and Akinori Otsuka. Bonus points for unorthodox but equally sensible choices.
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