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I write columns so I can self-congratulate my clever-ness.

Wow. Nothing to do with the Sox (other than Juan Gone being associated with us via Rotoworld), but check out this sequence of events.'s Jesse Sanchez:

Gonzalez said at least four Major League teams are interested in signing him for the 2007 season, and he is looking forward to reporting to a club for Spring Training in a few weeks. According to published reports in Puerto Rico, the Angels, Tigers and Orioles have all expressed interest in signing the former two-time American League Most Valuable Player.
Fascinating. This was on Saturday, February 3rd (a scant 4 days ago, for those scoring at home). Keep those teams in mind. Orioles. Tigers. Angels.

The Baltimore Sun:

Now here's the reality:

An Orioles official says it's not true. There's nothing for us to track. Gonzalez isn't a consideration.

I'd say there's a much better chance that Josh Phelps returns to the organization. -Roch Kubatko

Scorecards ready? Sunday, February 4th (a mere day later). We're not done yet.

Detroit Free Press:

When asked Sunday about the report, Detroit club president and general manager Dave Dombrowski said the Tigers aren't trying to sign Gonzalez. -Jon Paul Morosi
Sharpen those pencils people: Monday, February 5th (a short two days afterwards). There was another one?

Riverside Press-Enterprise:

Angels general manager Bill Stoneman denied a story that appeared Saturday night on saying the team was interested in signing former two-time American League MVP Juan Gonzalez
Any guesses? How about Monday, February 5th (also two days after the original article)? Mark it down.

Three teams named. None of which have any interest in the 'slugger'. All three denials within two days of the original "reporting".

Can't take away from his accomplishments, but it might be time to admit defeat. Or start floating rumors about teams who don't already have DH-type players. Seattle, maybe?