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It's Almost Rex Manning Day.

The time is here. The time is now. Well. The time is actually tomorrow.

The wait is over everyone. The bios and writeups of the top 100 Red Sox players of all-time start tomorrow. Before I forget, special thanks to Brian Martin and Tim Daloisio for all their work on the project thusfar. This was Brian's brainchild to begin with and he even asked me (amongst some more talented bloggers) to contribute a half dozen bios. He'll no doubt regret that decision.

I'll give you a preview of tomorrow's entries: One is not really a player, per se. The other was Marty Barrett's successor. And if you read the bio closely, his size and abilities will make you think of a current, diminutive Red Sox 2B. Let's hope Pedroia can be just as successful for a longer period of time.

I've also decided to write a couple bios of my own favorite players that did not make the list. Look for the first of these by sometime tomorrow night (maybe even tonight, if I feel that ambitious).

Anyway, make sure to make the site a daily read until Opening Day. if we're all on-target, the list will be complete by then. Spoiler: #1 is not Bob Zupcic. If you check the site now, you'll see a post about Wally. This will give you some idea of the length and format of the writing.