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[Insert Peyton Manning has [blank] on his shoulders tonight headline]

He's got the whole his hands...he's got the whole wide world...

We've come to it, ladies and gents. The most important game of February 4th, 2007. This one decides who goes home, and who else goes home, seeing as neither team is native to Miami.

Who will win? Do you care? What's the proper amount of Rotel to consume in one sitting? Which commercials are the best/least idiotic?

For today, it's all about American football. For more, check out Windy City Gridiron or Stampede Blue.

By the way, children, this starts on Tuesday. All of the profiles should be worthy reads, as a quality list of bloggers has been assembled. Look specifically for my posts, however, as I'll be name-dropping all kinds of B-list Hollywood celebrities. If you've always wondered how Jason Mewes and Tom Brewer were connected, the wait will soon be over.