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"Major Leaguers" can have pipe-dreams too.

  • Juan Gonzalez wants a shot at 500 HRs. He currently stands at 434. As the article notes, his last season in the majors involved one at-bat, and he managed to injure himself in that one at-bat. In 2005. Sosa's a risk, but at least he managed 380 mostly healthy ABs that season.
  • Jose Lima wants another chance too. Lima time in Washington(idle speculation on my part)? Everyone else almost certainly has better options for their 7th or 8th starter slots. (Even you, Josh Towers) My guess is that his wife has probably drawn more interest. Baseball GMs or otherwise.
  • Carl Pavano, healthy and ready to pitch this season. Really? He might've been better off just attempting to surprise everyone. Interesting. On Pavano's workout center: "Randy Johnson, Kerry Wood, Eric Gagne and Kevin Millar work out there, too." Millar's just a fun name for us, but I'm not sure RJ, Kerry Wood, and Eric Gagne are the best people to point out as using your facility. These guys haven't exactly been the healthiest players the last few years.
  • Drew is not on the roster. This is intriguing. The club says there's no holdup, but this whole drawn-out affair could be described as such. How long does it take to designate Lenny DiNardo or Javier Lopez for assignment?
  • If this doesn't give him the confidence he needs, I'm not sure what will. Check out this sub-headline: "Snoop Dogg guides Colts." If only it were true.
  • Alex Cora does the little things for Puerto Rico as well. Everything you could read about Cora is positive. That's a good thing. Congratulations to him and the rest of the Puerto Rican team, though they still have a ways to go.