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"And that, my friends, is how you throw the gyroball."

...In other vaguely humorous baseball news...

  • Scott Rolen and Tony La Russa are getting along. The unfortunate title picked for this article? La Russa, Rolen put postseason rift to bed. You would think that after the recent news about the nature of Jeter and A-Rod's relationship that professional journalists might be hesitant to put anything to bed anymore.
  • Heyman on Manny. I wouldn't pick on him, except for the overall ridiculousness of the article. Which is why I was glad that this attempt at near-English cropped up in the piece:
    Overall, the interview with the mouthpiece was more way uncomfortable than Ramirez looked in the cage.
    Okay. I must admit to being lost. More way uncomfortable does seem bad though.
  • Humor and tragedy at Lookout Landing. I think we can all be honest about this, at least in our little corner of the world: We want Joel Pineiro to succeed in the closer role. Everything else would be easier as a result. I think we're all realistic about our actual expectations, however.
For Joel's sake, there's finally a decent picture of him practicing at ST: