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This Just In...

Manny reports to camp three days earlier than expected.

Surprised? Don't be. Manny Ramirez seems to take particular delight in toying with the Boston media.

Manny showed up with his agent, Greg Genske, for his physical. It's not known whether he's going to work out with the team today, but he's already taken some B.P.

Manny's agents held a Q & A with the media just moments below. Here's a summary written by Gorden Edes of the Boston Globe:

Manny’s agent, Greg Genske, answered questions about his client in a frequently tense question-and-answer session with the media that lasted about eight and a half minutes. Among the highlights:
  • He refused to give any details about the health of Ramirez’s mother other than to say she had a "very, very serious medial issue in the offseason." He would not disclose when she had surgery, even though a reporter pointed out it would make a difference whether it was in November or if it was 10 days ago.
  • Both Genske and Gene Matos, Manny’s other agent, claimed to have no knowledge of a classic car auction in Atlantic City over the weekend. Promoters of that auction had advertised that Ramirez would make an appearance Saturday.
  • Genske said that he did not have any conversations with the Red Sox regarding a possible trade of Ramirez.
  • Genske also would not respond to a question about last season that cited respected ESPN report Peter Gammons’ opinion that Ramirez "went on vacation last August." Genske said only: "I’m not going to comment on someone else’s opinion."
  • Genske added that Manny’s knee is fine. Matos said it is not a chronic condition.
Other Manny-notes:
  • Teammate Julian Tavarez said, "Manny needs his running shoes, his bike, and 10 bucks for a haircut."
  • Manny's latest hairstyle includes red streaks. I can tell he really hates the Red Sox.