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Rotation Breakdown

Despite not having a contract for the 2008 season, Curt Schilling will still toe the rubber come Opening Day in April in Kansas City, Mo. We don't know exactly who will follow him, but we do know who will follow him come spring training:

Wed., 28 - Schilling vs. Twins
Thur., 1 - Beckett vs. Northeastern
Thur., 1 - Gabbard vs. Blue Jays (split-squad)
Fri., 2 - Matsuzaka vs. Boston College
Fri., 2 - Snyder vs. Blue Jays (split-squad)
Sat., 3 - Wakefield vs. Phillies
All I have to say is, 'Good luck, Boston College.' I hope Dice-K throws 18 pitches, works two innings, and strikes out six. How impressive would that be? Since the Sox will be limiting their pitchers to just two innings, that's the best he could possibly do.

It really surprises me how much the Sox organization loves Snyder and Gabbard. They were pretty good pitchers last year compared to their previous MLB experience, but it really says something about the organization that they're sticking with them. It's just spring training, but Gabbard and Snyder are definitely a couple of SP options behind a healthy Jon Lester.

Here's your "Smiling Baseball Player of the Day" picture: