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The Moment You've All Been Waiting For.

Great entries everyone. I've got two winners and an honorable mention. Thus, in order to extend this useful exercise a bit longer, you'll be voting on one of the two winners. (Both Daisuke-themed)

#1: "And that, my friends, is how you throw the gyroball." -britsoxfan

This one works on so many levels. From a word construction sense, one can't help (no matter how hard you try) but get the word 'gyrate' in your mind when looking at this picture. There's also, of course, the mystery of the gyroball to consider. (Btw, if you didn't see this already, Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports has solved the mystery.

#2: Having spelled "DICE" with his body already, Red Sox reliever Joel Pineiro winces during the "Now gimme a K!" portion of the pitching staff's new warmup routine. -rcb (e-mail submission)

Not sure if this was rcb's intention or not, but I like the subtle (or not so) jab at the almost overwhelming Daisuke focus so far in ST.

HM: "This is how Kramer dodged Keith Hernandezs' loogie on Seinfeld" -dumhic

For future reference, any nod to Seinfeld in any kind of contest like this will earn you points. Unfortunately, it is made clear in Episode 35 that Roger McDowell was actually the spitter. In addition, Kramer was unable to get out of the line of fire. However, the picture certainly reminded me of that moment instantly.

(You all probably already know this, but the poll should appear once you click on comment. Vote early. Vote often.)