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Daily Dos(e), 2/23/07, A Wise Decision?

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So, usually that newsfeed on the left is full of actually useful information and/or links to fluff pieces on the Sox. But today I finally clicked on a link, which led to this. Who doesn't love cheez doodles? Now you can buy a $16 bag of cheez doodles and dip them in your $28 beer while at Fenway. Delicious, nutritious, gourmet.

How fun is USA Today?

Link to source. The Today's caption is as follows:

Jonathan Papelbon seems to be pointing to the bullpen where he worked last year. This year, he's expected to join Boston's starting staff.
Right on the second sentence, wrong on the first. We should all recognize the park that Papelbon is pitching in, and notice what is over his shoulder in the background (i.e. NOT the direction he's pointing in).

In other news...

  • Car show a no-go for Manny-o. Like Todd Helton, I don't think we've seen the last of this story.
  • I know I promised not to link to ST fluff pieces (unless you'd like those, so LMK if you do), but this one has some substance. Any questions about Matsuzaka's stamina or focus (on the field)?
  • Piazza prepares for "new" role as designated hitter. This one offered without any further comment.
  • The FCC is involved now. Strangely, I still don't think anything will be accomplished, but it's nice to know that they are at least pretending to care.
  • Hockey news. I'm an unabashed hockey fan, and this kind of story is interesting whether you support fighting in hockey or not. 100 penalty minutes, and ESPN was the only major "news" outlet running the story higher than Clemens, Manny, and/or Schilling-related baseball stories on their respective homepages.
  • Beyond the Boxscore previews the Sox. I can agree with almost everything contained herein. This, however, set my toes a'tappin:
    Romero isn't much of a LOOGY, so they'd be missing a late-inning weapon against Jason Giambi, et al, but that's a solvable problem if Romero doesn't impress and the Sox are willing to eat his salary.
    In my opinion, J.C. Romero isn't much of anything BUT a LOOGY. Check out his career splits. .622 OPS against from LHH? Compare that to our old friend Mike Myers. .623, so basically the same. However, Myers, over his career, has been the beneficiary of a .272 BABIP vs. .292 for Romero. Interpret that data as you will. They just about alternate in superiority from season-to-season, but it would appear that through averaging the data, Romero could be just as good as Myers as a LOOGY if not better. Even in Romero's lost season last year, he held lefties to a .601 OPS. The real question is whether Francona will limit his usage enough to make him truly effective.
  • I'm extending the deadline on yesterday's caption contest. I will announce the official winner...whenever I get home from work tomorrow.