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Daily Dos(e), 2/22/07, How familiar could this sight become?

This is new Red Sox "closer" Joel Pineiro by the way. He's described as "reacting" to missing a comebacker to the mound or something. The question/request of the day is to re-caption the picture. I'll decide the winner based upon degree of self-urination.

In other news...

  • Spring Training fluff. Again, I'm not going to link to any of the stories. They're all pretty much the same beyond a few "minor" details. J.D. Drew is in ST, he's happy. Coco is in ST, he's happy. Coco's new "hairdo" is in ST, it's undecided. Curt wants a contract. Manny's going to be late. Papi got a truck. All the Red Sox pitchers AND Alex Cora are hitting their spots from the mound. Guy does everything.
  • Oh yeah. Manny IS going to be late. He's also going to be at a car auction first. Confused? Disturbed? Undecided? Don't care? (People who can't make up their minds should always be given two options.)
  • Hidden behind OUTSIDER. Jeter wants to keep clubhouse issues private? Does he think he's still playing for the Columbus Clippers?
  • Dayn Perry wrote an article. The news? Beyond the constantly revisited subject matter, I didn't want to vomit. Oh no. He wrote something else last week?
    The Yankees are already the best team in baseball at this writing, and a full season of Clemens could put them in 105-win territory.
    Dayn, you should have stopped on Monday and not written again last week. Already the best team in baseball at this writing? As with everyone else in the Majors, the Yankees are 0-0 at this point, so at least use that overabundant qualifier "on-paper" when making your claim. Then I'll waste time arguing with you on merit rather than semantics. Merit arguments off the top of my head? Scott Proctor blowing his arm out due to overuse, Andy Pettite's tendency to forget how to win ballgames until August, no more sleepovers between the players at the 5 and 6 positions, Giambi's head "popping", Carl Pavano.
  • Bench players. Who are they, and which of them aren't on the bench when they should be? I like longer titles. Interesting though not surprising, Varitek was not even at bench-level last season. Interesting but a bit surprising, with Biggio's decline through age, he might as well be Alex Cora out there.
  • A Tom Verducci piece. The interesting tidbit here?
    But you can't like this trend line: the pitches he needs to get through an inning have increased each year of his career (16.9, 17.8, 18.1).
    I felt bad for Orioles fans when it was clear that his control wasn't improving. Now we come to find that it has probably worsened each season? Update [2007-2-22 8:17:9 by Allen Chace]: This was about Daniel Cabrera. I knew I cut too much of the quote.
Later. Post those captions people.