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Breaking. Solution to closer-related heart-Papeltations?

More official than dreams.

I'm going to remain cautiously optimistic for a couple reasons.

  1. The type of season Papelbon had last year, (and B.J.Ryan for that matter...and the Eck way back when) are nigh un-replicable. Let's remember that Mo of the Evils has been the only closer in any kind of recent memory to enjoy a prolonged run of significant success. Possible apologies to Billy Wagner.
  2. What happened to all those doctors' opinions in August/September/October/November/etc.? Changed their minds? New tests? Within the first few days?
  3. Lester is the likely candidate to take Papelbon's spot in the rotation, and while I love the guy and still think he has a ceiling as a good #2/borderline #1, he's gotta refine his control. Half a season at AAA might've done him some good.
  4. If not Lester, then most likely Joel Pineiro. Oy.
  5. If not Pineiro, then any number of options with pros and cons exist. Not sure Tavarez could be more than a 5-6 with very occasional 7-inning starts, though I'd love to watch him give it a shot.
Beyond all that, this has to be considered somewhat good news, should it prove to be true.

Update [2007-2-20 14:57:17 by Allen Chace]:The Globe may be f-ing with us.