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Daily Dos(e), 2/19/07

President's Day Edition.

Abraham Linkon.

  • Yankee news. Umm. This was on the top of ESPN's links late last night, and I have a question. Why? I knew he was hurt by the contract situation last week. How did I know that? I was just sitting on my frickin couch. (This last line blatantly stolen)
  • Extortion leads to non-guaranteed contract. Actually, maybe it wasn't the extortion case. I'm certainly not the first to wonder/know that a Lopez/Belliard SS/2B combo would be much more productive, though they would possibly butcher 75,689 ground balls between the two of them (most of these by Lopez).
  • Old news, and if we're not tired of it we should be: 20% chance of Clemens returning. Do we trust weathermen who make this claim about the rain? People who have no agenda, and no reason to deceive us aside from possibly being sociopaths? No? Then why would anyone trust this guy? I'm 100% sure he loves money.
  • Summary of Spring Training news: Everyone is trimmed down. Everyone is happy. Everyone is set for a good season and reaching goals. Everyone loves their contract situation/will amicably resolve their pending situation. Everyone likes everyone else.
George Questington.

So there's been all kinds of great interviews with Francona, Farrell, Epstein, Wally, Hot Dog Vendor #2, and Matsuzaka this week. What does that have to do with the question? It's a poor excuse for a segway. You're manager for the day. What's the first move/decision you make?