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Daily Dos(e), 2/16/07

Little different format, just for today.

First off.

Camden Chat's lead ruler of the world, SC, reviewed The Sox and The Yankees yesterday. Read em. I don't want to spoil it, but he doesn't see the AL East champion honor changing hands this season. I think he's a little too pessimistic on the Sox and a little too optimistic about the Yankees, but that would be about right wouldn't it? Anyway, whether you agree with him or not, they're both well-written. However, make sure to voice your specific disagreements here, and loudly.


News. I've been alluding to it for days and days now.

SoxDevil is going to be joining us as an admin. He's going to be handling all the story ideas that I'm neither smart nor patient enough to handle. Make sure to show him some measure of respect (the measure itself, I leave up to you).


With SoxDevil joining up, I'm putting myself on vacation for about three months.