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More Drew contract details.

Here we go.

Drew's $70 million contract with the Boston Red Sox was finalized Wednesday, a deal that pays the outfielder $14 million for each of the next five seasons. But if he doesn't play at least 500 games from 2007-10 or 375 from 2008-10, then $9 million of his 2011 salary would be deferred at 1 percent interest.
Additional contract protection for us, and no specifications as to whether the time must be missed due to specific injury. I'm just doing this math on paper and a calculator, but 125 games per season? You'd kind of hope for this kind of clause to kick in earlier, since the purpose is to come up with a happy medium between giving Drew his money and not hamstringing the club long-term should he not prove healthy. No-trade clauses?
His deal gives the Red Sox the right to specify 28 teams Drew can be traded to, and he may add two additional teams he can't be sent to without his approval.
As I understand this (with help from Rotoworld), the Red Sox specify two teams they won't trade him to, and then Drew does the same. My guesses?

Sox pick: Yankees, Blue Jays.
Drew picks: Phillies, Dodgers.

Anyway, this is all good news. Bonus: Can anyone figure out (make and model) of the car our new LHRP Hideki Okajima is driving? It looks like a minivan or one of those ridiculous van/suv crossover things. Could be a rental, so I'll hold off on making judgements.

What's the first thing you want to do after getting a huge FA deal based on consistency and health across several years? Change your delivery.