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DailyDos(e), 2/13/07

What I'm Thinking About Reading.

  • Top 100 Red Sox. Brian was late yesterday - be sure to haze him mercilessly for it. Jim Tabor. Nickname: Rawhide. That alone will make his bio worth the read. Oh yeah. Freddy Parent with some AMAZING error totals.
  • Joy of Sox always has this good stuff: Pictures of pitchers from yesterday.
  • John Donovan writes article...or something. On Nomar:
    Still, Garciaparra appeared in just 122 games last season. Nomar, 33, needs to rediscover the secret to staying healthy or his Hall of Fame chances are in real jeopardy.
    I'm pretty sure they will be in jeopardy either way. It's disappointing, Nomar was and is one of my favorites. But for the voters, he won't end up having one of those big numbers (i.e. 3,000 hits) he'd need for them to vote for him.
  • Kris Benson to miss season. And thus: Steve Traschel will be an Oriole. As far as I'm concerned? Six to one, half dozen the other. It's the right solution to the "problem", though I'm not sure how big a problem losing Kris Benson (dwindling peripherals) was in the first place. That being said, best wishes to him in surgery and in recovery.
How many lights do you see?

So, we're in the enviable position of having three mid-20s potential aces on our hands. We don't have to pick and choose. Until now. My question today is: Of Beckett, Papelbon, and Matsuzaka, who will have the brightest career/emerge as the ace of aces? Why?