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DailyDos(e), 2/12/07


  • Lookout Landing continues to make my attempts at humor look obviously inadequate with this post. I'll probably be asleep when you read this, and I'll still be laughing. Take particular note of the entry for the Jays.
  • Top 100 Red Sox. B-Rs: Jesse Tannehill (check out the innings total for his first season in Pittsburgh. Move over Bronson, this is a workhorse.) and Ray Collins. He pitched too.
  • THT's John Beamer looks at pitcher projections. Of particular interest to us is #4. For better or worse, #1 and #7 may affect us greatly as well.
  • Tired of team previews? Too bad. (Athlon Sports via
  • Apparently it is possible. Pedroia got smaller.
  • Dougie's going deep, but with slim-fast. There's stuff about Daisuke in there too but the following is the important part.
    The Red Sox are paying Doug Mirabelli $750,000. He can also earn up to $150,000 in conditioning incentives. That's right, he can make extra money just for staying in shape.
    Crazy? I'll let you decide.
  • Dayn Perry is paid to research and write about baseball. Of particular note? The Yankees at #1.'s hard to disagree. However, this line: improved rotation produced a double-take. Pettite back in AL will probably = RJ and Igawa/Karstens/Ponson/Erickson/Rusch = Wright. Improvement? Extra credit points for anyone who can provide proof to back up Perry's 'improved rotation' claim.
It's like a frickin inquest.

I'm very lazy. Here goes. First person to comment with a question, that will be the question. (Assuming decency, etc.) I promise I'll only do this 8 or 9 days this week.