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MLB Sunday Ticket.

  • Top 100 Red Sox. Today? The Dauber and Butch Hobson. Hopefully the Hobson profile will include research as to how much an unsuccessful and unexciting managerial career can do to a former fan favorite player.
  • Jeff Sackmann of Beyond the Boxscore (amongst others) has previewed two of our AL East "opponents". Check out his take on the Orioles and the Devil Rays. These are great examples of me continuing to provide the late-est coverage in all of sports blogging.
  • looks at most "Beloved" players and personnel. Dave Roberts is up for most beloved unsung hero. Honestly. Just take the word "unsung" out and we might be close to a deal. I spent nearly 20 minutes looking for some rationale for why Roberts is unsung in Boston.
  • The Sporting News ranks AL outfields. If I were honest with myself, I'd put the Sox below the Blue Jays, myself. The really striking (if I weren't so sure, I wouldn't say it), okay, mistake is putting the White Sox above...anyone that isn't the Royals or the Rangers. Jermaine Dye might lead all AL RFs in production, and it wouldn't be enough to lift up the dead offensive weight he plays with (though if Brian Anderson plays a full season, he should probably win a GG). Even taking Brian Anderson's modest upside into account, which I don't think SN has done, I'd still take the Cleveland or Baltimore units to outproduce Chicago's as a whole. Also, the A's should probably move down, as the Shannon Stewart signing (and possibly subsequent health, yes?) will make Swisher more or less the full-time 1B in Oakland.
  • Jeff Goldberg of the Hartford Courant pens a column that I have some mixed feelings about. Calling the Sox a $200M hope chest is an original if ridiculous comparison to make. Look for Jeff to question (as Ian Browne did) whether or not the Coco Crisp from last season was a stand-in/stunt double or not. I love this question:Where is Manny Ramirez's head and heart after the Red Sox failed to trade him yet again? Probably at home, but you never know. Other than those minor quibbles over diction and phrasing, it's as accurate a summary of the Sox as I've read anywhere.
  • Get Fuzzy is better than me. Priceless: "President." I'm shooting higher than that, I want a position people respect.
We continue to make changes around here, and we'll let you in on a fairly big one in the next few days. For now? Courage.