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No QOTD, 10 February, 2007.

Nothing from me. As you'll see in my post soon after this one, Ian Browne has plenty (none of which have been explored by the media yet!).

Daily Reading.

  • Top 100 Red Sox. Today? I profile Greg Allen Harris. Read it. It's interesting, and I make an off-color joke. Someone else is profiled too, but I didn't write that one, so you don't have to read it.
  • Dewey's House completes their top 5 Red Sox MI. Turns out I was actually pretty timely yesterday.
  • Via Joy Of Sox, truck day is on Monday. The official article notes truck day as a sign of Spring being "around the corner". The sign I always use is the day that my friend Evan (lifelong Southerner) stops being distractingly upset about being outside.
  • At The Hardball Times, John Brittain examines the link between baseball and the Grammys. The link? Not sure there is one, but the article is mildly amusing.
  • Ken Rosenthal looks at where A-Rod might be headed if he opts out. Not really sure how much we should care, though our impending opening at 3B does make us a logical possibility. Notable? This:
    ...move Kevin Youkilis to third to replace Mike Lowell, who is a free agent after this season -- the top free agent at third, actually, if Rodriguez stays with the Yankees.
    Oh Ken. Thanks for reading.
  • The possible end of a marriage. I still think Bernie Williams needs to retire and let people remember him as a useful player for our hated enemies, rather than going out as a backup on another team.
  • Jon Heyman looks at managers on the hot seat. No Francona, but there is a Torre. Most notably is #2 on Heyman's short-list of replacements for these guys.
    2. Dusty Baker, broadcaster. This multiple Manager of the Year winner took the blow for two disappointing years on the North Side when they've had nearly 100 years of disappointments. Something's wrong if he can't get another job.
    Heyman obviously isn't as obsessed with FJM as I am.