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Ellsbury may not be part of Santana Trade

Different reports are saying Jacoby Ellsbury may not be traded for Johan Santana:

Around 2 a.m. I contacted someone with knowledge of the negotiations. That person had heard that the deal was for four players: Jon Lester, Coco Crisp, Jed Lowrie and Justin Masterson. Notice that Jacoby Ellsbury is not part of the deal.

I didn't run with it then because I really wanted to be sure. But I want to let you know this morning that's what I'm hearing. I'm still trying to get further confirmation of the potential deal. Maybe the exchange of medicals isn't as serious of a step as we think. Maybe a name has been switched (i.e. Rincon, Juan for Morlan, Eddie).

And the Globe:

Over the weekend, the Red Sox have reminded the Twins that center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury remains available, but that they will not ship him in a package that would include top pitchers Jon Lester [stats] or Clay Buchholz. All along the Twins have wanted at least two of those three.

The Red Sox have been pushing a package headlined by center fielder Coco Crisp [stats] and Lester, but that does not appear to be good enough to top the Yankees.

I'm thinking the Red Sox are going to be able to pull off this deal without losing Ellsbury or Buchholz. The factors just seem to be in the perfect place right now. If the Red Sox are able to pull off this trade, someone give Theo Epstein the GM of the Year award right now.