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A possible Sox lineup change

I've got an idea. And you know what? It just might work.

Stick with me here and follow my logic:

  • The Sox trade Coco Crisp and a minor leaguer or two to the Texas Rangers. In return, the Red Sox receive catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia. I'm not sure of the specifics -- like if anyone else will be involved -- but these two are the key factors.
  • With that, the Red Sox move Kevin Youkilis from first base to third base.
  • After Youkilis moves to third base, that leaves a hole at first base. Who do we put there?
  • Jason Varitek becomes the Red Sox's new first baseman.
  • Saltalamacchia becomes the every day catcher.
  • Did you follow?

This does a lot of positive things and, of course, negative things. The positive things are as follows (I'm enjoying bullets. Bare with me):

  • The Red Sox would have a catcher of the future. Saltalamacchia would fill a hole the Red Sox have been fearing ever since Varitek signed a 4-year contract with the team. They also realized catchers don't last forever.
  • By moving Varitek to first, the pressure would be taken off his knees. Varitek could have a longer career but still be an effective member of the team. I think Varitek would adjust very nicely to first and be really good defensively.
  • With Youk at third, that means the Red Sox don't need to spend $35 million a year on some Most Valuable Player to be named later. The Sox would save money and plug holes at the same time.

And the negative:

  • Saltalamacchia would have an obvious learning curve. And we'll never know if he's going to pan out like he should. He could be a complete bust right out of the gate and then the Sox look like losers.
  • Youkilis at third means the Sox lose defense at both corners of the infield. Youkilis is an above-average third baseman, but he is an amazing first baseman.
  • The biggest negative factor: If Varitek moves to first then he will no longer be in control of the pitching staff. That would be a huge loss for the Red Sox. On the bright side, Varitek could teach Saltalamacchia the ways of the Jedi and maybe he could smell the ballpark that Varitek is in.

Let me hear it, Red Sox Nation.