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MLB-type/wide News.

  • Active player will meet with George Mitchell re: steroid probe.
    The source described the player as one of several players Mitchell wanted to question because of their previous public comments opposing steroid use, not because the player was connected to any steroid use of his own. The source said the interview with the player was scheduled to take place "very soon."

    Anyone think this player might've just gotten $8M + $6M in possible incentives from a New England-area MLB team? Speculation on my part, perhaps...

  • MLB GMs vote 25-5 to EXPLORE issue of replay in baseball.
    Commissioner Bud Selig, a staunch opponent of instant replay in baseball, will reconsider its place in the game after baseball general managers voted 25-5 in favor of exploring its use on a limited basis.

    In a related story, I voted 300-0 (admittedly, stuffed the ballot boxes), in favor of exploring the possibility of me and Jessica Alba dating each other. Bottom line: Nothing has happened. ...yet.