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Schill, Sox close on re-signing

Reports say Curt Schilling and the Red Sox are close to a deal that would bring Schill back to the defending World Series Champions:

Schilling, when reached by phone last night, said that things "gathered momentum and if they continued to progress like they did (yesterday) something could potentially get done."

The deal is believed to be incentive-laden and, according to sources, might be simply contingent on a final physical. Schilling had initially been looking for a $13 million extension before last season.

I'm excited. I'd love to see Schilling finish his career in Boston. And for the current market for starting pitchers, I don't think $13 million, or however it should break down, would be too much for him. As long as he stays healthy, I think he'll be a solid starter. He won't be the 2004 Schilling, but he'll probably be one of the better arms once the market pans out.