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Padres interested in Crisp

The San Diego Tribune reports the Padres are interested in trading for Coco Crisp:

The Padres traded for young corner infielders Kouzmanoff and Gonzalez and now will try to swap for a young center fielder. The best defensive center fielder on the trade block is Coco Crisp, a Red Sox regular who is under contract through 2009 but who has lost his job to rookie Jacoby Ellsbury. The Padres aren't willing to trade Double-A third baseman Chase Headley for Crisp, who turned 28 Thursday.

I don't think the Sox really want a second baseman in return, though. Headley had a good season in '07 (full stats - 433 at-bats, 20 HR, .330/.437/.580/1017) but he spent the entire year in Double-A. No promotion to AAA? His previous stats in the lower minors doesn't impress me much, either.

Rotoworld throws Cla Meredith's name into the mix. No, thank you. Meredith has been really good that past couple of seasons, but I'd be afraid he'd lose all that progress once he stepped back into the Boston bullpen. The fans would support him and all that, but I just don't think he'd be able to handle it. He was just baaad when he was a Sox. I think it'd still be on his shoulders.

I'm not sure if the Sox want anything from the Padres. They'd have to really woo the Sox and give up a lot to try and acquire Crisp. Alternatively, the Sox could probably find another team that'd be a better fit.

If the Sox were to trade Coco to the Padres, who would you want in return? How would the trade break down?