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Sox to offer arbitration to Gagne, Timlin

The Red Sox are expected to offer both Eric Gagne and Mike Timlin, both type-B free agents, arbitration, according to the Herald:

The Sox will most likely offer arbitration to their two Type B free agents, relievers Eric Gagne and Mike Timlin [stats]. If another team signs either one, the Sox would receive one draft pick.

The rankings, which are done through a secretive system by Elias Sports Bureau, are compiled from performances over a two-year span. A player listed as a Type A free agent is in the top 20 percent at his position, while a Type B is in the next 20 percent.

The Red Sox and Texas Rangers believed that Gagne, who had Type A classification last offseason, would fall into the same category this time around. But by mid-September, the Sox came to the conclusion that they likely wouldn't be able to get two draft picks for him.

I think Timlin is coming back to the Sox, but Gagne is a question mark. I would actually be in favor of Gagne coming back to the Sox so he could try and prove himself. Imagine if we had the real Gagne in the bullpen? Or, think back to when we traded for him. It could be that great.

Part of me thinks Gagne, mentally, is done in Boston. But part of me also thinks Gagne is a good enough player to put in the back of his mind and go work his ass off and pitch well.