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Hughes tops Red Sox minor league free agents list

Baseball America released a list of minor league free agents yesterday. Hat tip to Lone Star Ball who pointed it out to me.

For the Sox, the following are free agents:

Righthanders: Carlos Almanzar, John Barnes, Mike Burns, Felix Diaz, Jeff Farnsworth, Travis Hughes, T.J. Nall
Lefthander: Adam Cox
Catcher: Salvador Paniagua
First baseman: Jeff Bailey
Second basemen: Joe McEwing, Bobby Scales, Junior Spivey
Shortstops: Tony Granadillo, Ed Rogers
Outfielders: Brad Correll, Steve Garrabrants, Cory Keylor

The only name that sticks out to me is righty Travis Hughes who pitched for Pawtucket last season. Hughes, 29, was actually really good. In 75.1 innings pitched, he struck out 72 hitters, walked 29 and allowed just three home runs. His ERA was a slim 1.91.

I was hoping he'd get a decent shot in the bigs, just like Craig Breslow, but maybe next year, right? I'd like to see the Sox re-sign Hughes, but I'm sure he doesn't want to go back. He wants to pitch for a big club. I don't see much of a future for him with the Sox, other than -- maybe -- getting some spot relief duty.