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Sox Stuff. AL Stuff. Ramblin' On.

  • HT: tommy. I caught most of the Red Sox media appearances this week. Paps on Letterman, Paps and Belli on QVC, Papi on Regis and Kelly, "Being" on Leno, and Papi on Conan. Didn't catch em? Texas Gal graciously hosts the videos for her readers Out in Centerfield.
  • Call it a hunch, but I think if we haven't signed Mike Lowell before the exclusive window is closed, it might not happen. My reasoning here? Someone is going to come up with a dumb offer on day 1 of his "free" negotiation period. By dumb offer, I mean $70M/5.
  • Belli will probably be back assuming Wake's health issues are at least to some degree cleared up. And there's where you need to take the Sox picking his option up as both a formality and a show of loyalty/respect on their part. I imagine if he finds out he wouldn't be well enough to pitch, he'll probably hang em up anyway.
  • Anyone else piss-scared that not signing Curt Schilling could result in either a more risky 1-year signing (Clement, Colon, etc.) or a silly contract to someone else (Carlos Silva?)? 1 year, $10M, with escalators to bring it past his asking price of $13M.
  • Anyone enjoying the possibilities of friend of Dr. James Andrews, Joe Girardi, being in charge of a stable of young, actually talented, Yankee hurlers? Not really rooting for injuries to young players here, but the rules Brian Cashman might have to hand down could make the "Joba Rules" appear liberal.
  • I've digested the Renteria trade and I'll say this: I remember Carlos Guillen saying that he would move to 1B for a premier defensive shortstop. Keep looking Dave Dombrowski. I do think he'll have better offensive success there than he did with us, however.
  • I like picking up Tavarez's option for the reasons some have already mentioned here. The two most important reasons? Clay Buchholz, IP, 2008: 165-175. Jon Lester, IP, 2008: 180-185. He's not just injury insurance. He's probably here to make some starts so neither would need to be held out of the '08 playoffs.
  • The free agent options for 3B and 1B are awful. I'm not even going to bother mentioning them. Outside of Lowell and A-Rod, it's a list of role players. Let's think about some trades. Possible pieces: SS/2B Jed Lowrie, SPs Michael Bowden and Justin Masterson, CF Coco Crisp, RP Craig Hansen, OF Brandon Moss. None of these players are above criticism in some way, so be realistic. We could package all of this and still not get Miguel Cabrera. Makes me wish they'd gotten a more extended look at Jed Lowrie at 3B.