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Twins & Rays deal

The Minnesota Twins acquired Delmon Young from the Tampa Bay (no longer Devil) Rays for Matt Garza in a 6-player swap.

The Rays receive Matt Garza, starting shortstop Jason Bartlett, and minor league pitcher Eduardo Morlan. The Twins acquired outfielder Delmon Young, shortstop Brendan Harris, and minor league outfielder Jason Pridie.

Delmon Young

Matt Garza

Are the Twins still in the market for Coco Crisp? Perhaps, since none of Young, Cuddyer, Kubel, and Monroe are natural center fielders. Just don't expect the Twins to deal any more young pitching talent. Regardless, the Twins have already replaced Torii Hunter's output in acquiring Delmon Young.

From the Rays' perspective, in return for their 3rd best talent after Kazmir and Upton they received a young, cost-controlled starter with a decent ceiling and a defensively-minded shortstop.

In the short term, I think Minnesota gave up more with Garza and Bartlett, but long term I think Young will be the best player involved in the deal. In my opinion, this is a decent trade for both teams. The Twins had a surplus of pitching (if there is such a thing) and were looking at an anemic offense in '08. The Rays had a plethora of position playing talent, but needed pitching in the worst way. This deal helps both squads fill their needs.

Which team do you think made out better, and how does this affect the Red Sox wheeling & dealing?