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OTM Mailbag?

I tossed this idea around in my head at the beginning of the season, then tabled it due to other things (actual live baseball, for instance).

However, I think I'd like to try it out. If you have a question that you think we might be able to answer about certain players, the organization, WTF are we going to do when the Papi magic runs out, for example, shoot me an e-mail. It's on the sidebar, but also down here:

allen DOT chace AT gmail DOT com

You know, fill in the DOTs with . and ATs with @.

No spam. If you'd like to remain anonymous, fine, if you're an OTM user, LMK your handle, if you're one of those who chooses not to register for whatever reason but want the props, leave like your initials and city or something. E-mail addresses will not be published in any form. We'll keep this going as long as there is interest. If there isn't any, no harm done.