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Clement, Kielty back to Boston?

Free agent outfielder Bobby Kielty thinks he'll be back in Boston, as long as Coco Crisp isn't sitting on the bench next to him:

And the only scenario which would allow for such a role is if Coco Crisp [stats], who is perceived to have lost his starting center field job to Jacoby Ellsbury, is dealt.

"I really need to play in the best situation," Kielty said. "With Coco not there, it is a very good situation for me in terms of playing time. . . . But with Coco there, it's not an ideal situation for me."

Since there aren't many other options out there, Kielty wouldn't be a bad option for a fourth outfielder. Brandon Moss will get a long look in the spring, though.

There seems to be a lot of interest in stagnant Matt Clement. According to Rotoworld, there are six teams that have spoken with his agent.

I could definitely see Clement going back to the National League, playing for a team like the Padres, D-Backs or Rockies. It'll be interesting to see how his contract plays out. I assume whoever snags him will be the team that offers the best incentive-based contract.

I think Clement could be really good if his rehab is on track. I really wanted to see him pitch for the Sox in September but, unfortunately, it all didn't come together quite right.