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Dice-K disappointed in individual performance

Daisuke Matsuzaka never minces any words about his own performance:

Q: What are your thoughts about the season?

Matsuzaka: "As a team, [winning the World Series] was the best. But as for personal accomplishment, it was not up to my standards. I feel that my command was something I need to improve."

Q: How do you feel about next season?

Matsuzaka: "I would like to repeat [the championship] as a team and improve my results."

Dice-K wasn't even that bad this season. He faced a lot of tough teams and didn't get the greatest of run support. He had some really amazing games and then he had some really bad games. Overall, I'm very happy with how he performed this season.

I believe Dice-K will be much improved next year. I think he'll be in the running for Cy Young and, if things fall into place, I think 20 wins is certainly doable.