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Filed under: T-Shirts - We need Ideas!

A while back I had a potential deal in the works to get Over The Monster t-shirts printed. However, that fell through and t-shirts have yet to be made.

I'm throwing up this thread because I would like some t-shirt ideas. Specifically, what should go on the t-shirt. Not only is the OTM community really smart (headed by Allen and myself, of course ;)), but it's really funny at the same time. I'd love to get some OTM t-shirts that are witty and people would really like to wear them.

I'm kind of creative, but not that creative. So if anyone has any ideas, please post them. If you've got anything at all, please post it. And if Allen or myself decide to use them (I'm looking for multiple t-shirt ideas), then I would love to give the winner(s) their own t-shirts.

So, please, make up for my lack of creativity and give us some good stuff. If you do, you'll be forever remembered in the myths and lore of OTM ... or something like that.