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Wakefield, Tavarez back in Boston for 2008

The Red Sox picked up team options on both Tim Wakefield and Julian Tavarez today meaning they'll be back in a Sox uniform come Spring Training.

Wakefield is no shock, but I'm kind of scratching my head over Tavarez. What is his role going to be next season? He's not going to start, so does that guarantee him a spot in the bullpen? I'd rather see the Sox let him go, evaluate the free agent talent, and then maybe re-sign him depending on what is out there.

Tavarez could be the long reliever for the Sox, but then we've got to think about Kyle Snyder. In that role, I'd take Snyder over Tavarez in a heartbeat. However, I'd rather see Tavarez get the spot starts next season.

The article also says catcher Kevin Cash filed for free agency. The Sox acquired minor league outfielder Sean Danielson to complete the Joel Pineiro trade earlier this season.