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Gagne, Mirabelli file for Free Agency

Add two more names to the free agency list.

Beloved closer Eric Gagne and knuckleball-catching specialist Doug Mirabelli filed for free agency. This makes six Red Sox who have filed so far.

I think the Red Sox are going to try and get away from Mirabelli for once. Obviously if Tim Wakefield doesn't come back, Mirabelli is certainly gone, but I think they'll actually try to groom a catcher to take his place. No matter what, I don't see Mirabelli backing Jason Varitek up in 2008.

Gagne is an interesting case, though. He was really bad as a Red Sox. I mean, really bad. That was unfortunate, though, because I think all of Red Sox Nation wanted to see him succeed. So after a down (half) season, where does he go? Does anyone think the Sox could re-sign him to a one-year deal so he could prove his worth?

I'd be interesting to hear what Gagne wants to do. The reason he came to Boston was to win a World Series -- check. So now what? Does he want to do it again? Then if the Sox offer him a contract, will he take it? If he just wants the money, then I think he'll run ... fast.

Then the other thing to consider with Gagne is his mental state. He seemed to be completely broken down once he blew his first couple of games. Could he ever rebound as a Red Sox? I'm not too sure. I think he'd have to weigh the options if the Sox try and get him back.

I'm not totally against Gagne coming back to the Sox. I'd like to see what he could do with a point to prove. I think he knows he's good and we know he's good, he just hasn't shown it. He really has to show it, and I think he wants to.